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Five Considerations For Choosing A Wedding Venue

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Wedding planning is an exciting time, but there are also a lot of small details to remember. When picking out your wedding venue, make sure that it meets your criteria by evaluating the following. 

Consider Your Timeline

Wedding venues can get booked surprisingly fast. Wedding chapels are in especially high demand, so if this is your dream, book as early as you can. Before getting your hopes set on a particular venue, do some research to see if they have openings within your timeframe. 

Looking for a Deal? Read the Fine Print

When considering different wedding packages, you may need to get out the calculator and crunch some numbers. For instance, some venues charge you for the room, while others only require that you meet a certain food and beverage minimum. Each venue will come with a unique combination of benefits; some may do lighting, others may do tables, and some may not offer any kind of set-up. A good way to go about this is to have these items priced beforehand, so that you can factor their cost into packages that don't include them. 

Communicate with the Host

Before you get set on a specific wedding plan, make sure that your chosen venue will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams. Some venues can have restrictions on certain decorations or activities, so be sure to discuss your plans with the venue ahead of time. 

Location, Location

Something that you may not consider when choosing a venue is the proximity of hotels and restaurants. However, this can be a critical way to keep your guests happy. If you are making travel arrangements for your family and friends, you can also make a map of recommendations for places to eat and things to do in your area. If your venue is located near many interesting and varied places, then it's a great choice. 

Putting it All Together and Making Compromises

On this special day, your choice of venue can be a big decision. While it's important to consider all of the things above, it's also important that both you and your spouse really love the venue you choose on a personal level. Even if one spouse wants a more traditional wedding and the other wants a modern event, there are still ways to compromise. For instance, you may need to hold the wedding in a traditional venue (such as Chapel of the Bells) and then give the reception a different feel. When in doubt, go with your heart.