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Hate Weddings? 4 Steps To Plan One That You'll Love

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Are you excited to be getting married but not thrilled about the actual wedding? Contrary to what society tends to tell brides and grooms, not everyone loves a wedding. For some people, it could induce anxiety or fear. Others simply don't enjoy the traditions or the festivities. 

Whatever your reasons for not liking weddings, here are a few ways that you can make it work for you.

1. Hire a Planner

If you don't relish the idea of planning your wedding, why not outsource the work? Wedding planners are experienced pros who know what makes a wedding ceremony and reception work. But they are also professionals whose sole job is to design a day that you will actually love. So let them do their job by narrowing down your choices, serving as gatekeepers, and handling the minutiae. 

2. Excise What You Dislike

What do you hate about weddings? Is it the sheer size of the party? Is it the cheesy traditions? Is it having to deal with family or relatives? Is it the spectacle or being the center of attention? Whatever makes you so unhappy with the wedding experience, feel free to excise it from your own day.

No one is required to have a first dance, cut the cake, make toasts, throw a bouquet, or even walk down the aisle. Talk to your planner about things that you'd rather not do at your own wedding and let them serve as your allies in this. 

3. Focus on the Important

What do you and your partner actually like about a wedding? Is it the vows? Having a party with your closest friends? Tasty food? A gorgeous venue? Whatever you find personally endearing and valuable, keep. But let go of the rest. Leave it out, or leave it to your wedding planner to handle. Don't focus on decisions or elements that won't add to your own happiness. Instead, leave those for others to worry about and execute.

4. Be Nontraditional

If you dislike traditional weddings and dinner receptions, why have one? Instead, plan a day that will actually reflect what you want and who you are as a couple. Have your wedding at the courthouse or in your favorite park or even at the Renaissance fair. Hire R2-D2 as a ring-bearer. Have hula dancers perform.

Don't be bound by the traditions of other times and other people. A good wedding planner can work with any style and interest that his or her client has.

Even a couple who hates weddings can design a wedding day that will be perfect for them. By outsourcing aspects you don't enjoy, focusing on what's important, and throwing out the rule book, your wedding day will be one that you love to remember for the rest of your life.

For more information on your options, contact a local wedding planner.