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Take Your Barn Wedding To The Next Level

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If you have decided to have a barn wedding, you have likely noticed the beauty of something rusting and charming. Barns can provide a welcome backdrop for a special event like a wedding, giving you a serene and beautiful place to celebrate your nuptials and unending love.

Of course, this means that you may want to set your wedding apart and make it your own. These tips will help you make your barn wedding unique and special.

Remember: You May Need to Plan More Than Others

When you have your wedding in a barn, you may have to plan a lot more than those having their weddings in traditional venues. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it could mean that you have more opportunities to customize your location. And of course, you may also find barn wedding venues that do offer some of the traditional features of a wedding, including seating, tables, and other decor.

Use Ceiling Height to Your Advantage

Barns offer something many other wedding venues do not: high ceilings. Take advantage of the unique look of the venue with fun lights, like hanging chandelier-style lights. Your decor will be truly unique with some of these vertical touches.

Protect Your Guests

It is also important to remember that barn weddings come with more open doors. This means your guests may be exposed to more bugs or different weather conditions. Take care to provide for your guests by offering awnings or umbrellas in the event that rain makes its way to your venue, and make sure to provide insect repellent for all. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtful planning.

Bring the Outside In

Another advantage of the barn wedding venue is the fact that you can bring some elements of the outside inside your barn. Plants and flowers can be used to add some greenery to the brown space. Ivy and other hanging plants look amazing in a barn.

You can also do this by adding color with flowers. Pink and orange roses are a great option for adding a burst of color to a dark barn. While barns offer a rustic appearance, the colors add some intimacy as well.

Talk to a Barn Wedding Venue

Do you love these ideas? Have you come up with some ideas on your own? Now is a good time to consult with the venue where you want to host your wedding and begin your planning journey.