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Simple Tips To Make Wedding Dress Shopping A Cinch

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Shopping for your dream wedding dress can be both exciting and stressful, but keeping some simple tips in mind can make the entire process go smoothly. Here are some things to keep in mind as you get ready to schedule an appointment at your local wedding dress boutique.

Wear Proper Undergarments

While you might not find a dress that fits perfectly when you shop, wearing the proper undergarments can give you a better idea of just what the gown will look like on your big day. Wear a bra with the amount of padding you prefer to make sure the neckline will work for you. You may also want to bring along any tummy-slimming garments you want to wear to get a better feel for how the waist will look after your ideal dress is fitted.

Keep Your Group Small

Having family or your bridal party present can help you make the right choice as you try on different dresses, but be careful not to invite too many people along for your appointment. Having a crowd will potentially result in a lot of different opinions, and you may feel overwhelmed as you try on different looks. Choose loved ones whose opinions you trust and remember that the final decision is ultimately yours to make.

Stick To Your Budget

It can be tempting to try on ornate dresses that aren't in your budget just to see what they look like. However, this can lead to disappointment when you try on gowns that are within your price range. You may even be enticed to spend more than you can afford, which can impact the rest of your wedding budget later on. Be honest with your bridal consultant about how much you are willing to spend, ensuring that he or she only shows you wedding dresses that are within your reach.

Schedule A Hair And Makeup Trial First

Brides sometimes choose to do a trial appointment for hair and makeup before hiring a stylist. Consider making a day of dress shopping by scheduling your trials in the morning before your dress shopping appointment. This allows you to envision your entire bridal look as you model different gowns, and you may find that it's easier to choose a dress when you can see exactly what you'll look like when walking down the aisle. You'll also be better equipped for how to get the dress on without disturbing your hair and makeup when the big day finally arrives.

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