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5 Tips For Destination Wedding Bouquet Success

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A destination wedding features many of the same challenges and perks as a traditional, local wedding. However, it also needs a different approach to some aspects. One of these is the wedding bouquet. How should you approach bridal bouquets and other wedding flower designs for a destination event? Here are a few key tips for success. 

1. Choose Hardy Blooms. Destination nuptials may require the bouquets to survive longer journeys, go on adventurous hikes, or face the elements in ways that most bouquets don't have to. Keep them looking great for longer by choosing hardy flowers. Chrysanthemums, lavender, carnations, calla lilies, and protea are all good examples. 

2. Keep It Simple. If you will be taking the bouquets with you on a road or plane trip, or if your destination isn't easily accessible, avoid a fussy bouquet. Long trails, unusual shapes, or overly large arrangements may all create more problems throughout the day. Look for a simpler design — such as a ball, round, or posey style — that's less likely to suffer damage. 

3. Consider Local Vendors. Should you bring flowers from home or work with a local florist at your destination? This depends. One key factor is how much communication and face-to-face interaction you can have with the destination vendor. If you must simply rely on things sight-unseen, you may want to get flowers from a provider you can have confidence in. 

4. Factor in Weather. What will the weather be like at your destination? It can be very different from the local conditions at home. Bouquets should be targeted toward the humidity, heat, cold, and wind conditions where they need to be at their best, not at your house. 

5. Recycle the Flowers. Even the smallest destination wedding will likely have several components, such as photographs, dinner with family, a getaway vehicle, or a first dance. Reuse your bouquets and other flowers to add color and style to these other moments. Use them as table decor, include them in pictures, or line your vintage car with them. Recycling lets you have fun, save money, and simplify. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning your perfect destination wedding bouquets? Whether you want one, two, or many, start by meeting with a qualified wedding flower provider. They will help you choose flowers that will thrive in any conditions, serve multiple purposes, and look their best in your wedding album. 

For more information about flowers for weddings, contact a local company.