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How You Can Influence the Overall Mood at Your Wedding

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Even though planning a wedding can be stressful and exciting, the time spent doing so is memorable for you and your soon-to-be spouse. If you have given a lot of thought to decorations, music, and food, you more than likely have also consider the kinds of flowers you want at your wedding as well. However, you need to consider the color of your flowers for more reasons than just matching your wedding theme. The colors you choose for your flowers can have a direct impact on the moods of you, your wedding party, and all your guests, so learning which ones are best for increasing happy, good vibes is important.

Red Has Always Symbolized Passionate Love

The stirring you feel in your heart when you get a dozen red roses is real. Studies have shown people feel an emotional change when they see flowers, particularly brightly colored ones. In fact, all throughout ancient history are recordings about the colors of flowers and what they mean, based on the kind of emotional effect they have on people that see them. If you want to include red flowers in your wedding because of its symbolic meaning of love, remember to do so sparingly. Red is a powerful color and has a way of drowning out other, more subtle hues.

Pastels Soften the Emotional Blows

If you can remember ever walking into a room that was painted in pastel colors, you might remember feeling relaxed, warm, and comforted. Blending pastel colored flowers for your wedding can also create the same warm, inviting feeling among your guests. If you are considering pink, think about how you can add different shades of pastel pinks and lavenders. Doing so can help to create a soothing, calming effects on you and your guests.

Enchantment from the Mysterious Purple

The emotional impact purple can have on you and your guests is one of magical enchantment. Adding purple to your ceremony and decorations is a great idea for enhancing the feeling of a storybook wedding with a happily-ever-after ending.

Maybe you want to include yours and your fiance's favorite colors in your flowers. Maybe you would like to have an unusual, bright color like neon pinks and greens. No matter what colors you decide to use for your wedding flowers, learning more about their meaning and how they can be useful in your ceremony is always a good idea.