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Office Park Amenities That Can Help Your Small Company Provide Big Corporation Employee Perks

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As a small company, you may think you are limited in the amenities that you can offer prospective employees. The truth is that you can compete with the highly appointed offices of larger corporations by renting the right type of office space. The following are a few amenities that you can look for when you are looking for office space available for rent. 

On-site Dining

One problem with being tucked away in a large office building or office park is balancing the length of a lunch break with the local dining options. Many office parks have worked to overcome this issue by renting out some of the available space to small cafes and restaurants. Choose an office park that offers a couple of these options so your employees aren't wasting their lunch break driving to the nearest fast food dive.

Gym Facilities

Many large corporations are installing gyms in their buildings or giving out free gym memberships. This may not be a viable option for a small company. Fortunately, some office buildings now include a gym that is available for use by all tenants. You will be given key cards to the facilities that you can assign to your employees. Make sure the office gym also includes a shower, since many employees like to work out on their lunch break or before work. Healthy employees are happy employees!

Parking and Transportation

Parking is of major importance. Rent an office that provides free, off-street parking for your employees. For large office parks, you may want to go with a rental that offers assigned parking so your staff doesn't have to waste time looking for a space. A safe area to lock up bicycles is also a must, since you may have some staff members that prefer this healthier and greener mode of transportation. It's also a good idea to make sure the new office is on the major public transportation lines for those that prefer that option.


Although not a necessity, it can be very convenient to share your office park with a daycare center, especially if the center offers discounts to those that share the office building with them. This can be a lifesaver for employees that only need emergency back-up options, such as for school snow days or when their sitter is ill. It can also help entice a good employee back to work after parental leave if they know they can check on their infant because they are just down the hall from the office.