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Baby Getting Baptized? 3 Tips To Make This Special Day Go Perfect

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Your baby getting baptized is a very special day for everyone involved. For this reason, you need to make sure the day goes perfect. Below are three tips on how you can accomplish this so you and your family will always remember this important occasion.

Choose the Baptism Dress

There are a wide variety of baptism dresses and they are easy to find. The problem is deciding on what you want to purchase. The first thing you should consider is if you want a modern or traditional baptism dress. For example, if you have a baptism dress that you wore, you may want your baby to wear that. You may want to get a dress that is of the latest styles. There are also tuxedo style outfits if you have a boy.

You also want your baby to be comfortable in whatever they wear so the fabric is an important choice. Fabrics like linen, raw silk, and 100% cotton are all good baptism dress choices and will feel comfortable for your baby.

The most common color for a baptism dress is white but you can choose another color if you prefer. White is the color of choice because it symbolizes purity.

Find the Right Church

Unless you are already a member of a church, you will have to decide where to hold your baby's baptism. You should know that some churches allow you to have a private baptism while for others it will be public during the church service. If you are planning to invite many family members and friends, you may want to consider a private baptism to make it special for everyone. You may not want a lot of strangers viewing the baptism.  If you like a certain church but they only hold public baptisms, ask the preacher if they may agree to do it privately for you.

Consider the Godparents

When planning the baptism for your baby, you need to take the godparent's religions into consideration. While they do not have to share the same faith as you, it may make a difference. For example, if you want to have your baby's baptism in a Catholic church, there are requirements the godparents have to meet in order to partake in your baby's baptism.

Do not forget to take a lot of pictures at the baptism so you can show these pictures to your child when they are older.