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Keeping Food Safe During An Outdoor Wedding Event

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If you are planning on getting married in an outdoor setting, and you are hiring a wedding caterer to handle the preparation of food you are serving to your guests, you are most likely excited about not having to undertake the project on your own. Food safety will be a concern you will need to address to ensure your guests are not at risk for health problems after eating their meals. Here are some steps you can take to help your caterer provide high-quality food to those attending your wedding reception.

Provide A Shaded Area For The Caterer

It is important to keep food out of harsh sunlight or from being exposed to excessive heat. An area where shade is present is best to keep chilled food underneath so it is not prone to becoming spoiled. Purchase or rent a large canopy to install on the land where you intend on holding your reception. Your catering company can set up their stations underneath this protective covering to help in keeping food at safe temperatures throughout your event.

Keep Insects From Becoming A Pesky Problem

Insects can contaminate food you intend to serve to your guests. When an insect lands in a tray or plate of food, it will transfer bacteria to items meant for consumption. To ensure insects are kept at a minimum, set up several citronella candles in the area where guests will be frequenting. These candles can be placed on tables and disguised as part of your wedding centerpieces. Citronella tiki torches can also be placed around the perimeter of the food preparation area to help in keeping bugs away.

Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Ice Available

To help a catering company keep their ingredients and prepared food chilled, it is a good idea to have extra ice cubes on hand at the reception site. Bring along a few large coolers and fill them with ice cubes in advance of your event. Keep these in a shaded area so they do not melt prematurely. If the caterer needs to store products, they can place them inside of your coolers so the food is kept at an acceptable temperature until it is to be served.

Provide An Easy To Reach Electrical Source

Before you start your wedding reception setup, scout out the perfect location for your caterer. This should be a spot where there is an easily accessible electrical source so they can plug in any heating or cooling devices needed in preparing food or maintaining its temperature levels. It is a good idea to invest in a power strip with an extension cord so your caterer is not short on electricity when it is needed.

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