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Want To Make Your Wedding Reception As Informal As Possible? Here's How

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Getting married a second or subsequent time means that you are often way past the whole first marriage formalities. You wear something less fancy, you plan a less fancy party, and you opt to either skip the wedding reception or do something really informal. If the latter is where your leanings are on this wedding, here are some ideas for the most informal wedding reception venues possible, and some very unique experiences while you are at it.

Clam Bake on the Beach in the Keys

There are few things more informal than hitting a beach and baking clams and seafood in a pot over a beach fire. It is very relaxed and relaxing, and all of your guests have plenty of room to roam and play. You can invite a few people, or hundreds. However, more intimate parties where people can laugh, talk, eat, and drink tend to be more fun and more memorable. Just make sure you get a fire permit to cook your food on the beach in the Florida Keys before you light the fires.

The Ice Hotel Bar in Norway

Imagine you, your intended, and all of your guests dressed to the hilt in parkas, mittens, snow pants, and boots. That is exactly the type of very informal you would expect when your wedding reception is held in the Ice Hotel Bar in Norway. Nobody has to worry what they will wear to your wedding because everyone will be covered in winter gear for the duration of the wedding and reception. If your guests want, they can even stay the night in one of the ice-block rooms in the hotel.

Nudist Cruises

Yes, there are cruises for nudists. You can take all of your guests on board a nudist cruise, get married nude by a nude captain, and have a nude wedding reception. Clothing is entirely optional, but some family members might protest. They can keep their clothes on, if they like.

Since no one has to wear anything in particular, everyone can come to the wedding and reception in either their birthday suits or in whatever is most comfortable to them. Some nudist cruises also encourage costume contests for creating costumes that allow people to be as nude as possible but just hide the genitals. Some of your guests may enjoy this challenge as part of the wedding nuptials or just on board the cruise itself.