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Out Of The Ordinary Bridal Wear: More Than Just White At A Wedding Dress Boutique

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Once upon a time, brides wore white. They wore big, frilly, fancy, full-skirted dresses with a ton of lace and beadwork. While there were still some differences in cut, style, and sizing, dresses were pretty much the same. 

Then the divorce rate jumped up. Wedding dresses of the traditional sort did not fit with second-time brides. Then lesbians were getting married, and not all lesbians want to wear a dress. Some brides did not like the big, full, heavy gowns either. Hence, a revolution in bridal wear occurred. Take a look at all of the newer options you will find at wedding dress boutiques.

The Pantsuit 

White pantsuits for bridal wear emerged in the late seventies and early eighties. Initially, they were popular with the "I will not wear a bridal gown!" crowd of ladies who never liked dresses and did not want to be cornered into wearing one for their wedding. Then the wedding pantsuit was the hot thing for lesbian weddings. If you like the idea of a pantsuit, there are several styles. You can also choose to wear white pants or wear a pencil-line or A-line skirt instead of pants.

The Off-White or Cream Dress

Second-time brides (and successive marriages) understand that bridal gowns have been white for a reason. The white represents the purity and virginity of first-time brides (even if that is not the case). Since a second-time bride has clearly already been bedded, they tend to avoid the white dress and opt for an off-white or cream-colored dress. There is a vast selection of dresses available to choose from in these particular tints of white.

White Dresses with Colorful Accents

Some brides are not your typical brides. As such, they do not want to wear all white because it is boring, or because it does not fit with their personalities. These brides can choose white dresses with colorful accents. The colorful accents come in the form of silk or satin blossoms to match the wedding party colors, colored sequins, or crystals sewn on or dangling from the dress in a rainbow of hues. 

"Trash Your Dress" Pairings

Finally, wedding boutiques have begun to sell pairs of wedding dresses. A more expensive dress is worn to the church and for pictures. A less expensive dress is worn to the reception and to a "trash your dress" event where the bride can utterly destroy the dress for fun. 

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