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Insight To Help You Select Your Wedding Dress And Cake For The Big Wedding Day

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Planning a wedding can take a great deal of work, especially if you are handling all the details and planning it yourself. With wedding planning, you want to make sure you hire a great photographer to record every detail of your big day, including the important choice of your dress and the cake style and flavor selection. Here are some tips to help you make choices about two of the most important parts of your wedding day; the cake and your dress.

Select Your Dress Ensemble

There are many styles of wedding dresses available to choose from, and each one has its own unique look. You should shop for and choose a dress that matches your wedding style, highlights your good features, and helps cover any areas of your body you are concerned with. Remember for each body shape there is a dress to accentuate it. For example, you can choose from a mermaid style dress, a ball gown made of puffy tulle or ruffles, a dress with an empire waist, or a sleek silhouette wedding dress. You can select a dress with sleeves, straps, or a strapless style.

You don't have to select a wedding dress that is the traditional white color, you can go with an ivory dress or be more daring with any variety of other colors. In some other middle eastern countries, red is the traditional color for a bride. Or you can go with your favorite color and select a pink, fuchsia, or blush-colored wedding dress to make a statement about your personality.

After you choose your wedding dress, select the style and length of veil you want to have for your wedding. You can have a long cathedral-length veil or a short shoulder-length veil or anywhere in between. If you don't want to wear long veil, you can also select a birdcage style veil that perches atop your head and over your face.

Choose a Cake

Picking the cake for your wedding is also important, because along with you and your groom, the cake is the wedding centerpiece. Your cake should match with your wedding colors or theme and can be displayed in any variety of ways, such as on a table, suspended from the ceiling, or sitting atop tiered plates.

You can also choose your cake to be frosted with buttercream, covered in fondant, naked showing its frosting and cake layers, or made of stacks of cookies or cupcakes. And the flavor of cake inside does not have to be traditional vanilla. You can choose chocolate, red velvet, carrot, marble, peanut butter, ginger spice, strawberry, or hazelnut.