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How You Can Have A Unique And Meaningful Wedding Ceremony For Your Special Day

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When you are planning your wedding, you might be thinking that you don't necessarily want to do things the same way most couples do. For instance, you might not want to marry in a church or by a minister, or perhaps you want to change up how you say your vows.

You can have a unique and meaningful wedding ceremony that is perfect for your special day. Here are some tips and ideas you can try to make your wedding ceremony just a bit different.

Add Elements You Wouldn't Expect

If you want to have a unique wedding ceremony, try adding in elements you wouldn't expect to see during it. For example, you could include a wine tasting either before or after the ceremony itself, small gift giving to the wedding guests, have a tree planting, a ring warming, or even have a handfasting as part of the traditional ceremony.

When you add touches like a toast after the ceremony or a cocktail party beforehand, you add pieces of things you care about to your day.

Change Traditional Elements You Don't Want

You don't have to have a traditional ceremony by having the same elements that you typically see during one. For example, you don't have to have the bride walking down the aisle or being given away. The bride could walk down the aisle herself or with her attendants, or the groom can walk down the aisle with her or on his own as well.

You don't have to have a wedding party of bridesmaids or groomsmen either. If you prefer just the two of you, you can do that. You could also simply elope or have your official ceremony as just the two of you and then have a party or reception after the fact if you like.

Change Up The Setting

You can change the setting of your ceremony. Instead of having it in a church, you can opt for a banquet room or backyard of your home. You could opt for a park setting or beach if you want to bring the outdoors into your ceremony. You could have your guests standing instead of sitting during it – as long as it's a short wedding.

You could also have your guests sitting in a circle around you instead of in pews behind you. You could have your wedding in a theater and have your guests attend like they are attending a movie premier. Contact a company like Pristine Chapel Lakeside today to learn more.