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4 Things To Consider With A River Wedding Venue Reservation

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If you know that you want an outdoor wedding, you may put a lot of time into thinking about your outdoor wedding venue options before choosing one. After concluding that you want to enjoy your wedding alongside a river, you should think about crucial details that can impact your experience.


One of the factors that can impact your wedding more than anything else is the weather. Depending on your location, a wedding in the middle of winter could mean that you will be getting married on a snow-covered landscape with a freezing cold or frozen river. On the other hand, a summer wedding might give you warm enough water that you can swim in comfortably.

If the river is susceptible to flash floods, you should consider avoiding the most susceptible months to maximize the chance of enjoying a problem-free wedding.


When getting married in nature, you should expect to find an insect presence. However, each area will have its own insect population, which makes it valuable to go on a tour of each wedding venue to get an idea of what your experience will be with insects. If you get married in the fall or winter and live in a cold climate, you may not have to worry about their presence much or at all.

A spring or summer wedding means that you will likely need to deal with insects. This is something that you can do by incorporating insect control within the decorations by using citronella candles as well as plants and flower decorations that deter insects naturally.


If you plan on getting married during warm weather, you will likely appreciate finding a wedding that provides a decent amount of shade. This will prevent you from needing to rely on overhead coverage from structures and tents to cool down at any time throughout your wedding.


Although you may know that a river wedding venue will be harder to access than an indoor venue that you can park alongside, you may still want to provide your guests with easy access. This means that you should try to prioritize venues with the ability to park close to the venue. Even if the parking spots take you down a dirt road and lead to parking on gravel, you cannot go wrong with having the option to park closer when you do not mind driving and parking on dirt or gravel.

Focusing on these details will help you pick a river wedding venue that you love.