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Confirm These COVID-Related Details With Your Wedding Venue

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If you're moving ahead with planning your wedding but also feel a little concerned about your area's COVID-19 situation, there are a number of things that you can do to give you and your guests peace of mind. When it comes time to choose a venue, it's important to confirm a number of relevant details. While you'll obviously want to select a venue that offers the look and amenities that will suit your wedding plans, covering these additional topics will help you to feel informed as your special date approaches.


You'll find that a lot of wedding venues are operating with reduced capacity as a way of ensuring that their premises don't get too crowded. If you're concerned about large crowds, learning that a venue is operating in this manner may put your mind at ease. Once you've given some thought to how many people you wish to invite to your wedding, you'll want to inquire about the capacity at a few venues that you're considering. If you have one particular venue that you know will be a perfect fit for your wedding, it will be important to confirm that it will be able to accommodate the number of guests you hope to have present.


It's also a good idea to ask about what safety measures the venue and its staff will be taking in the interest of safety. There are all sorts of topics that fall under this umbrella, and someone at the venue will be able to outline each of them for you. For example, the venue's staff may wear masks during your wedding, and there may be hand sanitizing stations set up in numerous places around the venue. Depending on the venue's layout, there may even be signage that encourages people to keep their distance from others, when possible.


While you don't want to think about having to cancel your wedding because of COVID, the reality is that if one or more members of your wedding party or close family are ill, you might not wish to go ahead with the wedding. Given this risk, you'll want to talk to someone at the venue about its cancelation policy. Different venues have different policies regarding COVID cancelations. Some will refund your money, while others will simply give you the ability to choose another date in the future. Choosing a venue that has a policy that suits you will help you to feel confident should an illness occur.

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